Why Homeless Youth

Our Homeless Youth Initiative


Being a start-up located in San Francisco, Belift would like to engage our local community to benefit and to be positively impacted from our work. Our founders decided that homeless youth is a cause dear to both of them (San Francisco is only 2nd behind Las Vegas for % of youth homeless individuals in the US, SF HSH 2019) and they would like to incorporate homeless youth in their coffee work.

Some of the real impacts Belift is making on our local homeless youth include

1. Allocating 2% of our revenue toward our homeless youth education program.

2. Employing homeless youth in our operations.

3. Mentoring them to learn long-term "soft" skills via our collaboration workshop work with Larkin Street Youth Services.

4. Supporting them to host our coffee tasting events and/or corporate events. 

Workshop #1 - First Day

Our Goal

Ultimately our goals are to provide sustainable living wages toward the homeless youth individuals in SF, teach coffee craftsmanship skills & provide soft skills mentorship. Together with Larkin Street Youth Services, we will track our progress on each of these aspects and provide our impact report in 2020.