Impact Engagement Team

Want to be engaged with the youth of San Francisco and make an impact? This is the start.

As part of the Impact Engagement Team:

[Workshop Facilitator]

  • Assist with soft-skills and communications training & workshop facilitation
  • Online workspace moderator/organizer
  • Document/input impact tracker

[Impact Researcher]

  • Research and development of workshop training
  • Interview attendees
  • Develop creative games/activities to support workshop

You must be able to:

  • Work with 18-24 aged young adults who are experiencing homelessness (in transition & at-risk)
  • Be based in San Francisco
  • Work in a start-up environment and adapt to change
  • Be curious and open-minded
  • Commit at least 6 weeks of time


  • Learn a lot about coffee!
  • Learn about the homelessness issues in SF/Bay Area from a very human-centric standpoint.
  • Opportunity to engage with the coffee community and youth community
  • Be part of a purpose-driven team
  • What else would benefit you? Let us know!

Apply At:

Ivan and Karrie as founders are both open-minded who doesn't just talk-the-talk but strive to walk-the-walk, we say this because we're also self-aware and always open to opportunities for growth, like learning from one another.

Email Karrie!