Muhlisin's Argopuro farm

Mr. Muhlisin from Argopuro (4-5 hours from Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia)



Why do we pick Muhlisin's coffee beans?

  • The notes of honey, cedar and medium strong dark chocolate flavor is very nice and very Indonesian in its characteristics.
  • We particulary also enjoyed working with Muhlisin since he is hard-working & has growth mindset.

Why Muhlisin choose coffee not other plant options?

  • Because they are situated at 1200-1400 meters above sea level in height, and they are reluctant to switch to other plants because they like coffee and planting coffee.
  • Muhlisin's great-great grandparents have also been planting coffee cherries since the 1700s during the Dutch colonial era

Why Muhlisin sell to Goodwill?

  • The direct-trade system benefit Mr. Muhlisin. Particularly, we are also buying at a price that they are offering without too much bargaining

What are the number of Muhlisin's community members impacted by our purchase?

  • A minimum of 20-40 people in the region where the coffee is grown. Children, housewives, and friends + family + coffee community members + cooperatives come together to make this coffee happen. 

 Try his coffee here PRODUCT LINK