Edi's Pantan Sile Farm

Why do we pick Edi's coffee beans?

  • We like the unique hints of jackfruit + honey + caramel combination of the coffee beans, very good balance of body and acidity.

Why Edi choose coffee not other plant options?

  • Since the region is popular for their coffee, they feel like they would be missing out if they are not selling their already available coffee beans + community + ecosystem that has existed for many generations.
  • His family has been planting coffee beans since 1700s

Why Edi sell to Goodwill?

  •  Our direct-trade system helped Edi getting proper prices.

What are the number of Edi's community members impacted by our purchase?

  • The villagers in the region where the coffee is grown, around 72 miles from the nearest bigger city Lhokseumawe, Aceh. After the Indonesian vs. Aceh conflict, the region has been struggling and one of the primary income for the villagers in the Pantan Sile region is coffee. The Acehnese Children, housewives, and friends + family + coffee community members + cooperatives come together to make this coffee happen. Mostly with the Indonesian coffee regions it is quite a similar story in the regions, they are communities running the coffee production & farm together

Pictures to follow! Try his beans HERE!