Didin's Malabar Farm

Why do we pick Didin's coffee beans?

  • Cultivated in the high mountain regions of West Java, the Malabar beans highlights one of the fruitiest, most complex tasting, and sweetest coffee in Indonesia, which West Java is known for. We chose this because of its unique taste.

Why Didin choose coffee not other plant options?

  • Because their families have been doing it for a long time. Starting with the Dutch colonization of Indonesia and when the Dutch brought coffee to Indonesia in 1700s so they just pass it on to one another (many times not to their own family members too, they pass it on to other villagers from generation to generation).

Why Didin sell to Goodwill?

  • Didin appreciate the direct trade system we have. We provide more than fair price to ensure he gets enough profits!

What are the number of Didin's community members impacted by our purchase?

  • About (minimum) 20 people in the region where the coffee is grown. Children, housewives, and friends + family + coffee community members + cooperatives come together to make this coffee happen.