Belift was built to serve impact, one human at a time

By purchasing our beans on our online store here, you allow us to empower at-risk youth individuals in San Francisco with jobs and underserved Indonesian farmers with income. Check below on the details! 

For the at-risk youth community in San Francisco

We partner with Larkin Street Youth Services, the largest non-profit in San Francisco focusing on youth homelessness, in developing soft-skills/mental model training as well as a barista training project.

Step 1. Mental Model Workshop

In our workshop, young adult students learn how to communicate better to advocate for themselves through various mental models, interactive games with prizes and sharing sessions. We teach soft skills such as goal-setting, prioritization and cause+effect.

Larkin Street compensates youth for their time completing our workshop

Step 2. Barista Training Programs

Youth who expresses interest in joining our coffee operations then gets trained to learn basic knowledge, history and culture of coffee as well as various techniques of serving coffee 

Oh, in case you're wondering, we are compensating their time with $20/hr part-time employment wage.

Step 3. Part-time Belift Employment

After graduating from the Barista training program, Belift offers employment toward our youth! Such engagement include the running the 2-hrs bi-weekly coffee tasting events, preparing for catering orders and fulfilling shipment for online order.

Again, we are compensating our youth with $20/hr part-time employment wage.

A snapshot of our workshops and barista training sessions

For the underserved farmers in Indonesia

We partner with Goodwill Coffee, a Q-arabica grader certified roaster and Telapak, an award-winning non-profit, in trading directly with farmers and teaching coffee farming best practices.

Step 1. Quality-testing

Farmers ship green beans to our roaster in Indonesia and gets their beans tested by our licensed Q-grader roaster following the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) cupping protocol

Step 2. Pricing

For those farmers whose beans pass our quality test, we share our interest to source from themand let farmers to name their own pricing. For those farmers who failed our test, we go to their farms and work with them to improve their quality for next harvest season.

Step 3. Sampling

We air-shipped our samples to our San Francisco's office and share samples with our supporters! Once we get enough consistent demand, we make purchase larger quantity from our farmers.

A snapshot of our visit to coffee farms in Indonesia and our roaster in Indonesia