Goodwill Coffee // Bringing native coffee experience from the producing land

Meet Kevin and Kenny Soewondo! Owners of Goodwill Coffee & Co, award-winning roaster located in East Java, Indonesia.

Java, known for its volcanoes, hence why you may refer to your hot piping coffee - lava java. Coffee was first introduced to the islands by the Dutch during the 1600’s, first to Bali and Sumatra then of course on Java islands where coffee plants are still being grown today.

Indonesian coffee is amongst the more common coffee lands to grow Robusta beans, but of course, there are still many unique plantations that are exceptional for Arabica - both species of which Goodwill Coffee roasts and offers. Check out 'Goodwill Coffee Collection'

The founders, Kevin (Q-grader) and Kenny have been on their coffee journey for some time and they’ve even competed in the Indonesian Barista Championship, finishing in the top 20s by one of them in the 2015 championship. The deep appreciation for specialty coffee has been a liberating exploration for them, allowing the Soewondo brothers to understand the complexity of the industry and the passionate people working in it. They opened Goodwill Coffee & Co to continue their exploration in coffee through the art + science of roasting by making sure they have quality green beans for them to demystify with different processes and origins to bring out the highest potentials of each bean for the coffee drinkers and makers.

Goodwill Coffee was established in the year 2016 with the intention from the Soewondo brothers and their master roaster Angga to share “good” to the world. Through sharing their coffee knowledge in their available training centers and dedicating their passion to craft each roasted batch to bring out its potentials & complexity, they aim to spread the joy of specialty and well-crafted coffee.


“In short, we are passed a trust baton by the farmers who have worked so hard for their beans, and we have the responsibility to make sure we are polishing the products so that the final coffee beans can shine with their best flavor in every produced cup” - Soewondo brothers from Goodwill Coffee 



Goodwill Coffee currently serves locally in their city in Jawa Timur, offering whole roasted beans, specialty green beans, coffee training centers, barista training certificates, and happiness.

We are super pumped about working with the Soewondo brothers to bring freshly roasted coffee right from the land of where it was produced! Belift x Goodwill Coffee will be a collaboration of joint love for coffee and to bring more inclusivity by bridging knowledge, sharing different coffee cultures and creating an uplifting impact on both ends.

Belift now serves Goodwill Coffee through our online store here, early adopters are more than welcomed to join us for free tasting & sampling! Just shoot us a message at title ‘Early Adopter’

All interest and support will also go to our social impact initiative contribution to provide opportunities for the underserved communities to be included in the coffee world. 

In the meantime, go check out all the other cool kinds of stuff Goodwill Coffee are up to on Instagram @goodwillcoffeeco and more updates from us on @beliftimpact

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👋🏻 Karrie